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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Custom Lights & Great Designs For your Parties and Events! BLINKEE.COM

Looking for great ideas or lighting materials for your events. Well Blinkee is the place to go! The folks at blinkee have been customizing and providing all types of lighting designs to spruce up nationwide events. Aside the details below, Visit the site and make your purchase today!!! - JJ 

Flashing Jewelry, LED Lights, Body Lights, Blinkies and More.

Some call them flashy blinkys. Some say body lights. Our awesome blinkee website will light up all your nights. You'll love to surf our website. Because its so much fun. Each blinky animation has a funny rhyming pun. You ask me "What's a blinky?" Its a light up pin you wear. You can clip one on your earlobe or wear it in your hair. They run on small cell batteries with magnets for a clasp. First time most people see one, all they can do is gasp. They blink and flash so bright and cool they're sure to knock you flat. So come and get your flashing pin. Just visit Magic Matt. -- Why Magic Matt? - Blinky Blog Special Message -Blinkees in Wikipedia - When will I receive my order?

Custom Blinkies with Your Logo or Artwork
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Blink out your logo with a custom made body light. Custom lapel pins are the hottest way to promote your company at a trade show or every day. We can conform to your needs. We'll start with your logo or artwork and design a custom pin in any shape just for you. Magic Matt will help with artwork and custom blinky design. We'll will include an hour of image consulting and manipulation at no charge.
Process: Send me your artwork or describe what you want and I'll help create it. In the following example the customer started off by asking me if I could make a blinky of a table saw in the process of cutting off two fingers. I didn't panic. I stuck with his request and refined it. I was able to determine that the customer had an accident where he lost two fingertips and wanted to make a blinky pin to give to his club members since they teased him about it. He didn't want to spend the extra money hiring an artist so I stepped in. I started by taking some artwork of a hand and making it look like the fingers were severed then added elements the customer wanted. Next I created an LED diagram denoting where to put what color led, what order they fire and the size and shape of the blinky. Then I created an animation of the blinky to show what it will look like when finished. Twenty-two days later he got his blinkies and loves them.
The standard size for custom blinkies is up to 1.5 inches square. The standard number of LEDs for custom blinkys is five (5) LEDs. The standard colors are red, green, orange, and yellow LEDs. The following prices refer to standard custom blinkys:
500 pcs: 1.49 ea.
1000 pcs: $1.09 ea.
1500 pcs: $.99 ea.
2000 pcs: $.96 ea.
3000 pcs: $.93 ea.
4000 pcs: $.91 ea.
Plus $50 for shipping for 500 - 4000 pcs.
5000 pcs: $0.89 ea.
10000 pcs: $0.85 ea.
30000 pcs: $0.70 ea.
50000 pcs: $0.60 ea. (ship by sea)
Shipping for 5000 - 50000 pcs will be calculated at time of order.
White, blue, purple, orange, pink or jade (dark green) leds are considered premium color leds. Add .07 per premium color led per blinky.
For custom blinkys with 6 or 7 leds please add .07 per blinky plus .05 each for standard color leds and .07 each for premium color leds.
For custom blinkys with 8 to 12 leds please add an addtional .07 per blinky plus .05 each for standard color leds and .07 each for premium color leds.
Custom blinkies larger than 35 MM will be priced on a case by case basis.
The above prices are not accurate for a few blinky configurations and will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.
If needed will provide a working sample 2-3 weeks after price and artwork is finallized. 3-5 weeks after sample is received and approved finished product will be delivered. Production time is cut in half when a physical sample is not needed - in that case a virtual sample in the form of a digital photo of a working sample will be provided.
For best results artwork should be 300 dpi photoshop file, or jpeg file but Magic Matt can work with other formats if needed. Magic Matt won't open any attachments from you unless Magic Matt is expecting artwork.
Payment Terms:
Once artwork is finalized and approved a sample can be produced. A payment of $200.00 is required to produce the sample. The $200.00 will go towards the final purchase price of the custom blinky unless the buyer declines to purchase 1000 or more of the custom blinky. In that case the $200.00 will be forfeit. The sample will be redone if not according to the approved design.
Once the sample is received and approved full payment is required to begin production of the full order of custom blinkys. The $200.00 sample fee will be applied towards the full payment. For orders over $2000.00 a cashiers check, wire transfer or western union is required. A company check is possible with proper credit references.

Get your Customized Lights and Party Supplies Today! - JJ 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pictures On Gold- Your #1 Source for Gift Engraving and Customized Jewelery - JJ

I get asked many times in the whereabouts I find customized jewelry, shirts, hats, sporting goods, and all the observant gifts I create for friends and family during the holidays. With Easter, Mothers day and Fathers day on the horizon, it's of paramount importance all parties are enlightened in where to get gifts. I have become close with many sites I order from and being in the world of internet marketing and a Googler....

My #1 source for great gifts for these holidays to come is Pictures on Gold. 


I've taken the time to become close with the team and service @ Pictures on Gold and From ownership to employees they deliver. - JJ 

What a wide variety of choices the fine folks at Pictures at Gold Provide. Take a look at the Online store and get busy in easy gift making/shopping today! - JJ 

 Lockets & Photo Locket Jewelry - Custom Picture Jewelry, Gold Lockets, Silver Lockets and Picture Locket Jewelry

Samples of Engraved Photo Lockets

View sample engraved silver and gold lockets below. These sample photo lockets are what the finished custom engraved photo jewelry look like. Here are sample lockets with color engraving, laser engraving and text engraving. On many lockets you can choose to have the photo engraved on the left side or right side of the locket or both. You can also have personalized messaged engraved in the photo locket. You’ll notice that lockets are suitable for photos of different group sizes from individuals up to an entire family.

Posh Mommy JewelryMothers Day Gifts

Send your item(s), original packing materials, and original invoice to us by an insured courier (UPS or Registered Mail) and retain the tracking number for your records. We are not responsible for items lost or damaged while shipping. Please do not write "jewelry" or any other jewelry-related words on the outside of the package.
ID: 655PG66791
Price: $31.95 - $144.95
Available in Solid 14K Yellow or White Gold and Sterling Silver
Ships in 1-2 Business Days
ID: PG75467
Personalized Female Golfer Name Dog Tag Cut Out PendantORDER NOW
Price: $64.95 - $279.95
Available in Sterling Silver, Solid 14K Yellow Gold & 14k White Gold
Sport Jewelry - Shipping Next Business Day
ID: 522PG64748
Custom Golf Pendant W  Name CutORDER NOW
Price: $102.95 - $258.95
Sterling SIlver
Sport Jewelry - Shipping Next Business Day
ID: 522PG65011
Custom Golf Pendant w  NameORDER NOW
Price: $102.95 - $360.95
Sterling Silver, Solid 14K Yellow Gold and White Gold
Sport Jewelry - Shipping Next Business Day
ID: PG75466
Personalized Male Golfer Name Dog Tag Cut Out PendantORDER NOW
Price: $64.95 - $279.95
Available in Sterling Silver, Solid 14K Yellow Gold & 14k White Gold
Sport Jewelry - Shipping Next Business Day

Guardian Angel Pair of Cut-Out Wings Medals "EXCLUSIVE"Heart with Border Photo Pendant Picture Charm
Price Match Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you find the same product that we sell somewhere else on the Internet for less than what we sell it for, we will try to either beat that price or match it - GUARANTEED.

1. The product must be new (not used) and have the same manufacturer's item number.
(Not the same item number as, the same item number as the manufacturer)
2. Competitor's price must be visible, be a U.S. based company and NOT an auction website.
3. Our low price guarantee does not apply when you use coupons, sales, promotional offers, or discounts.
4. Sorry, we cannot price match on Discontinued or Limited Edition items.

For Low Price Guarantee requests, just contact us via:
- Live Chat Help: Click on the Live Chat Help button at the top of most pages.
- Phone Help: Toll-Free in USA, (877) 703-1143.
- Email Help:

US Toll Free: (877) 703-1143
International: (718) 667-4713
8:30am-6:30pm EST, Mon Through Sun

They provide- 

- JJ ;)