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Friday, January 14, 2011

Coachella Is A coming... Here's A template to Design your own Line Up- JJ


    Over One Hundred Thousand people will be anticipating the full released line up this year @ Coachella. Everyone always sees the fakes on who may be attending or performing each year. I've entailed some info and this template for you to create yours. Have some fun with it and arouse some mixed emotions on your line up. Have a safe weekend my friends and look out for some more blogs on Health, Events, Fitness, Success, Spiritual Success and New Local Businesses In L.A. to assist your needs- All the best - JJ 

Make Your own Coachella Flyer Here ;)

Also Some Leaked info from Daver.. Enjoy...

Already one of the big daddies of the international festival circuit thanks to its incredible location in Southern California and its ability to rope in the biggest acts in the business, the 2011 Coachella festival looks set to be serious doozy with a reportedly leaked version of this year’s lineup proclaiming Daft Punk as one of the headliners.
Why should we believe this latest ‘leak’ in the ongoing run of fake festival lineups that crop up before the actual first announcement? Well, no reason really other than it would validate the constant whir of Daft Punk world tour rumours. Also the lineup boasts the likes of Kanye WestA Tribe Called QuestLeftfieldThe Chemical Brothers and The Beastie Boys so that’s something worth hoping for if nothing else.
Judge for yourself the authenticity of said leaked poster below. Real? Fake? This could be the greatest debate since Terri Hatcher’s boobs on Seinfeld!

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