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Monday, January 10, 2011

It Started with Vinyl, It ends with Vinyl- All Dj's to the mixing board please- JJ

Is the Digital World Taking over? Will we be forced to purchase 2 Smart Phones, and use the interface Applications on them as a mixing console? Well... Maybe One day. Yet as long as they keep making new vinyl records, that can add to the collection of old vinyl classics we can stick to the turntable guns. Vinyl to me has always been the ammo, that we dj's disperse through a set of turntables. In todays age, you can find most dj's implementing their music into Scratch Live, Torq, or mixing full sets through High end CDJ's. Is that a problem? No. In my eyes of the music world, It doesn't matter how you change the souls on a dance floor as long as their not clammed up. Yet is that considered to be what a real Dj is? In many ways yes. In many ways no. With most events catering dj's with cdj's only and new mixers becoming heavy on the efx processing, I would consider ones to be classified as a controller, performer, or maybe just a producer. Djing to me and to most that grew up in the 80's and 90's was about VINYL. The way you purchased it. Lugged it. Shared it. Doubled it. White Labeled it. Who had the coolest graphic or imagery on their label stamp. Who designed the best sleeve. What creativity goes into the marketing and love for  traditional vinyl singles and LP's. It doesn't just stop there either. What about playing vinyl... Is the hair on my neck erupt? You bet your top 40 VDJ it is.  No offense, I do respect all performers that play theirs, or others music to make ones dance. In a lot of eyes, it doesn't always classify one to be a traditional DJ. I've been told from many sources attending all vinyl dj events to blog on this.Well .... If you've been doing it since the days of vinyl only, then you get a "dj veterans card pass". As long as you attend one all vinyl event quarterly in a calendar year. Here's the facts dance scene supporters. There's an entire different feeling that goes into applying vinyl. Mixing it. Cutting it. Scratching it. Sampling it. A feeling one cannot truly get from programming smooth mixes through the world of Club CDJ. Like I said, I respect all those who make a crowd move. Yet without the constant motions of picking and choosing different vinyl during your mix and applying the dj tools involved, it's simply different. I have had times where people want me to play their tracks, or I myself wrote a track only available to be played on a CDJ. Nothing wrong with getting your music out there. Playing a whole set that way is entirely different. All in all there's a big difference from cdj'ing then dj'ing. There's also the form of using serato or torq. This in some ways is still using vinyl like materials in looks and feel, yet still controlled by a Laptop. I can truly respect this for the all purpose Dj that plays weddings or the special request party. Although some of us still don't see the originality of it being a vinyl dj.  Let's be honest... Is the Dj in cue mode, or checking his tweets and  facebook? The crowds say " We Don't know "! A few months ago, I was out and asked some die hard dancers who knew about classic vinyl dj's what they thought. They responded with... " It looks a little mundane, or as if it's so robotic. Like it's someone operating music rather than mixing it bit by bit". Some old school dj's can get away with using serato and torq faster, so that people see the real dj in them. Many new dj's may get into such an operating phase, it can look a bit bland. Hey.... Like I said, as long as your fan base is to move and grove with attitude it makes no difference. But classify yourself as some of the terms used above and to come in the near future. People like to watch dj's for the dj tools they posses and also the variety of mesmerizing music you provide them. I find it hard to see most non vinyl dj's have that feeling of skills, tools and sound together when performing. That doesn't mean they don't take people through a journey, drop great tracks at the right time. It just means that the audience will  listen to the music than watch the dj. Isn't the music the most important part anyways... Ahh forget vinyl... Yeah right.... Vinyl Lives-YESTERDAY-TODAY AND TOMORROW- Don't change the music let the music change you- JJ ...

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