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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You want to save money right? Well then... Here you go. Just Do it!

James J-

   The Holidays are over and as we approach the mid month of January, many are thinking of the money they spent and now must save. I've entailed some ways that can help gear you toward your goals, in setting up a comfortable 2012. From someone like myself, who is re building his own finances, you can trust I'll be taking advantage of these tools. I hope to see people saved up and more successful in the many years to come. It's another way to be stress free, when you are secure financially. 

Here are some examples that can help out. Remember without action you might as well live lavish for a week out of the year. Get to work and keep your future humbling with success. JJ

  1. Set up automatic deposits between your checking account and your savings/investment accounts.
  2. Budget for emergencies and for impulse purchases to give yourself some slack.
  3. Brown bag your lunch and bring your own snacks to the office (which you’ve bought on discount).
  4. Get a roommate and share the rent.
  5. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need and avoid buying things you know you’ll hardly use.
  6. Be careful that you don’t buy the stuff you already have. How often is it that we buy things then realize later that we have those very items at home, buried under clutter, gathering dust?
  7. Pick up books and DVDs from the library instead of buying or renting these items elsewhere.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for something you need (or want). One reader received a large TV from a friend (who had a spare one around) upon making a casual mention of it.
  9. Use cash when you buy! There have been studies that show that consumers who use cash to make purchases save 18% more than their counterparts who use credit cards.
  10. Buy your gifts during after holiday clearance sales and you’ll save a ton on discounted items. Some readers stock up on gifts they give away during the year, which they buy during the cheapest time of the year.
  11. Watch for weekly ads and catch sales and discounts from your local paper (or other periodicals) for the best time to pick up items.
  12. Enter contests and giveaways to pick up freebies! ;)
  13. Check your Human Resources web site for employee discounts. Some companies have perks for their employees beyond the usual retirement plan or group insurance rates. One reader’s company offers employee discount programs for cell phones, groceries and other products where he saves at least %10 off retail.
  14. Eat out less and cook your meals at home more often. Precook food and freeze it for later consumption.
  15. Eat your leftovers, or recook leftovers.
  16. Use will power.
  17. Map your grocery shopping route and have a shopping list before setting foot in a store
  18. Drop junk foods and sodas from your grocery list. The empty calories cost extra.
  19. Don’t shop while hungry.
  20. Skip the lattes and that extra cup of coffee! Order only water instead of expensive drinks or sodas when dining out...
There's 20 ways that may help. Remember... In these economic times we are overcoming, it's of importance to have a game plan. I myself plan to utilize some of the messages, I have brought to your attention and strive to see results. Save, Live, Laugh and Flourish.. With Good thoughts of Success- JJ 


  1. Good Pointers.I have one to add.Put spare change in a jar everyday and see how it adds up in a few months!Trish
    Feel free to check out my blog!

  2. I did that last year and within the entire year of saved change, accumulated close to 250.00. I shall check out your blog and much success- JJ ;)