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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cereal Truck is on the Horizon! Nom Nom Nom -


Imagine walking up to the truck, paying a flat fee around $4 for a sippie bowl (straw-and-bowl-in-one), choosing between ANY combination of 16-20 cereals, dumping any of 24 fruit and candy toppings on top (including hot chocolate syrup and caramel), and soaking it all with your choice regular, chocolate, strawberry, soy, rice, or non-fat milk.

If you thought frozen yogurt stop-ins were a hit, just wait til we bring you the cornucopia of your favorite cereals all in one place. Get ready as the Cocoa Puff takes a big plunge under Heath Bar and Butter Finger brewed chocolate milk. Not a chocolate fan? Try a Combo: Trix and Lucky Charms, blueberries, Gummy Bears, in regular 2%.

The idea is that you build your own bowl just like you would at home but without having to buy a million cereals and toppings. Mix and variation of cereal and toppings and call it yours. The best part of it is that we want to give all you fans the chance to create and NAME YOUR OWN BOWL! That’s right, once you register your bowl, you can go down to where the truck is and have it made for you simply by saying, “Hey, let me get the YOUR NAME HERE bowl!”

We’ve been working hard getting the design and business plan wrapped for the first ever, Cereal Truck. The featured images are the first concept renderings created by Caroline Job. As you can see, the truck comes fully equipped with a variety of different features including cereal dispensers, topping bar, milk guns, hot condiment dispenser, sippie bowls, and don’t forget the dual flat panel monitors for video gaming and cartoons.

The Cereal Truck is in fact almost ready for build as in undergoes the last stages of design by Armenco Catering Truck Mfg Co., Inc., California’s largest catering truck manufacturer. The plans and initial design are just about done and we are waiting for feedback on the practicalities necessary for approval by the Los Angeles Public Health Department.

Disclaimer, before we build the truck through, we want to see how many people would vote to have the Cereal Truck a Reality!

We know aren’t going to appeal to the everyday cereal eater. So far, its a divided line between people who love or hate this idea. So we really need to hear from the small demographic that would walk 40-50 feet in order to have their own bowl, they they want, when they want it. It’s up to you to make this happen. If you ask for it, we’ll deliver.

If your are down for The C-Truck, please “Like” our FB in the sidebar widget or visit: The Cereal 

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